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  • How often can I live-stream?
    We collaborate with New Zealand's most notable promoters to bring you exclusive new shows regularly. Checkout our events calendar for our upcoming shows.
  • What is The Weekender Subscription?
    The Weekender Subscription is a one-time billing plan that is valid for one week (7 days). It is our version of a Pay-Per-View (PPV) but with full access. If you are looking to stream short-term for one or two shows then this is the ideal plan for you. The plan will automatically cancel at the end of 7 days. You still get access to all live-streams that are running throughout the month as well as access to our entire video on-demand library.
  • What is the best value for money subscription?
    Our recommended plan is the Annual Subscription. It's the most affordable plan for combat sports fans who watch live-streams regularly. The plan works out to be less than $2 a week! You can also cancel or change the Annual Subscription at any time.
  • Can I change or cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel the Annual subscription at any time through your profile. The Weekender subscription automatically cancels after 7 days, you do not need to do anything. The [retired] Monthly subscription has a 90 day termination period i.e. You must complete 4 monthly payments before you can cancel. You have the option to pay for the 3 months + transaction fee up-front in one invoice. If you wish to chat about your subscription or to cancel please use the contact form.
  • What if I'm a business e.g. bar/pub and want to stream?
    Streaming CSN NZ in your venue e.g. bar or pub is possible and easy, however you need a commercial license. Please reach out to us via our contact form or email Please note: it is illegal to use our service using a residential (personal) login at a business premises. You will be fined for illegal streaming. Read our policy for more info here.
  • What's the difference between live-stream and video on-demand?
    Live Stream is the ability to watch an event in real-time while its taking place, where is Video On Demand (VOD) is the ability to watch an event that's recently happened.
  • Do subscriptions include all live-streams?
    Yes. Our Annual, Weekender, and [retired] Monthly subscriptions gives you access to all new live-stream shows (PPVs) and access to the entire video on-demand library.
  • What kind of shows do you have?
    CSN NZ is a one of a kind multi disciplinary platform showcasing Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Muaythai, BJJ and more. We have partnered exclusively with promoters from around the country such as: Art of War, Shuriken Fight Series, Capital Punishment, Throwdown, King of Kings, Glozier Boxing, Peach Boxing, CTP Boxing and more... We also have sanctioned national amateur and novice championships. Checkout our events calendar for our upcoming shows.
  • How to cast to my TV?
    Chromecast & AirPlay Streaming to your TV To watch on your smart tv, you’ll need to either Chromecast or AirPlay from your mobile phone or Chrome browser on your computer. To cast: When it’s time to watch, visit and find what you’d like to watch (or click the link in your confirmation email) Sign in and click ‘Watch Now’ Once the player loads, look for an icon similar to the below (on mobile, you may need to enter ‘full screen’ to see the icon’) The name of your TV should then pop up. Select your tv and the stream should play-out on the big screen.
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